Unfortunately, lawsuits for bodily injury have risen in both volume and size in Canada in the past 5 years.

Auto injury lawsuits, for example, are increasingly exceeding the $ 5,000,000 mark.

The facts are that judgments are unpredictable and defending yourself can cost millions of dollars. It's quite possible your existing limits of liability on your home and vehicles may not be adequate if you are sued for injury to others, even if you are not at fault.

In Ontario, a lawyer need only show that you are 1% negligent which could result in loss of all your assets that you have worked so hard to obtain. Your home, your cottage, your vehicles and everything that you cherish are at risk.

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance is available as an add-on to your Home or Condominium policy to cover additional limits of liability over top of all your assets including your home, cottage, all vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you travel or use your vehicle in the US? - $2 million Cdn is currently $1.6 milliion US
  • Do your assets exceed your current liability limits?
  • Do you have underage/ inexperienced drivers in your home?
  • Do you own waterfront property with watercraft/ATVs, etc.?
  • Do you own a swimming pool?

These types of scenarios could trigger a lawsuit that could ultimately exhaust your current limits of liability. Hence the need for additional limits of protection provided through an Umbrella Liability policy.

We have Umbrella liability limits of protection up to $ 7,000,000 at a cost of less than 65 cents a day to protect all your assets.

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