Our longstanding client relationships are built on trust.
We value all the feedback we receive. Here is what some of our satisfied clients are saying:

"We highly recommend Denis Le Courtois for all your commercial needs: very experienced in the commercial field, conscientious, professional, detailed, responsive, honest and thoughtful. What more could you ask of your insurance broker?! We have dealt with other brokers for decades, until we have the privilege to meet Mr. LeCourtois, who has raised the bar for servitude. Well done!" - Guelph, ON

"Thanks all. Much appreciated for your quick work. That’s why I love you!" - Vineland, ON

"Thanks so much Steve. I am very satisfied with the service you provided to me. Starting from the reception, it was very professional and friendly which you can't see at most other places." - Guelph, ON

"My wife and I have been clients of Sutherland Insurance for many years for our cars and home. Recently, I had the misfortune of being T-boned by a driver running a red light but was very lucky because I was uninjured and also in that my wife and daughter were not in the car. Fortunately, the other driver was also unhurt and told the truth." - Guelph, ON

"From the beginning, all staff at Sutherland Insurance were extremely helpful. From my phoning at 8am the day of the accident to get into a rental and throughout the week I'm sure that I sent Jeff dozens of E-mails over the course of the week with endless questions. Jeff always responded to my questions and I felt very supported. I have nothing but good things to say about this firm and I feel I was completely supported as if I was a million dollar client at all times! " - Guelph, ON

"A lot of my friends complain about their insurance company when they have a claim. It is very likely I will recommend the experience I enjoyed with you." - Guelph, ON

"Being a claims adjuster myself for over 30 years I can honestly say your client service to us has been second to none." - Cambridge, ON

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today and sorting out my auto insurance woes. Your knowledge and reassurance, and all the work you did to sort out my situation is greatly appreciated. I was overexcited and you were very understanding and did a wonderful job in handling my problem. I am only sorry that I did not come to Sutherlands first, instead of dealing with that "other" insurance company. From now on, you and Sutherlands will be my one and only stop for all of my insurance needs. I look forward to dealing with you for many many years to come. Thank you again. Your support is very much appreciated. Best Regards" - Markham, ON

"Since I was bottle fed I was taught not to trust insurance companies. They were a necessary evil. BUT, today I'm at a loss. Today I received a cheque from Aviva for $40. It seems my old car insurance was overpaid and not only did they send me a refund but also interest on the overpayment. What is the world coming to?" - Brampton, ON

"Thank you so much for all your cooperation. As usual Sutherland Insurance has proven to be customer service oriented. I look forward to our continued business relationship.." - Ariss, ON

"I would like to send along my thanks and appreciation regarding my recent policy acquisition through Sutherland & Sons. In comparison to my previous experience with ____, your staff knew me by name after the first call, was extremely quick to respond to messages and emails and was highly knowledgeable about the various products and options available to me. I have complete confidence in Sutherland & Sons that should the need for a claim arise that said claim would be looked after professionally, proactively and with my best interests in mind. Big business simply can't provide the level of service I experience with you!" - Toronto, ON

"I want to thank you for your tireless help with the very distressing process of figuring out what to do about the malicious damage to my car. Your detailed answers to my multiple questions were invaluable, not only in dealing with the problem at hand, but with getting an emotional grip on matters. Both Aviva and Golden Triangle were wonderful - but it all started with you!" - Guelph, ON

"Excellent service. Will be referring to friends and family." - Guelph, ON

"I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the service at every level: Sutherland & Sons, Intact, Golden Triangle Collision, even the towing and rental. Everything went smoothly and quicky and the people I interacted with were polite." - Guelph, ON

"Please know that we are very pleased with the service that your office has provided to us in the past and we would not hesitate to refer your office to our friends and family." — Guelph, ON

"Thanks very much again for looking after us! I can't tell you how nice it was to call your office and speak with someone who I knew was sitting in an office right next to yours, and then to have you call me back the very next day. A big contrast to my experience with _____ (the company offering Queen's discounts), where business is conducted through a call centre. I can't imagine how awful it would be to have to deal with a call centre if your house burned down! Keep doing what you're doing with the business. We need more smaller companies with personal service in our lives!! Love it that you emphasize that on your website, which I visited after we talked. It was so nice to see the family history there, and pictures of all those generations of Sutherlands." - Kingston, ON

"You made my home & auto insurance experience a pleasant and secure one. Now I feel like the home is safe & well protected for myself and family. Same for Auto policy as well. The fact is that I love my home. Its my treasure and represents everything I have worked for in life. Thank you again.." - Guelph, ON

I have been with you for over 30 years and have never to this date had a problem. That is one of the reasons I am still with you." - Guelph, ON

"I have been a client since 1954 when I bought my first car (a 54 Austin Healey) and phoned my close GCVI curling friend Bob Sutherland and asked him to arrange coverage. I phoned Bob because I knew him so well and because my father had been a happy Sutherlands' client for many years (perhaps since his first car, a Ford model T in 1924 or so.)
Bob was my personal contact with Sutherlands until he became ill and Don Marshall, another close GCVI curling friend, took over. I want to continue to maintain a personal contact with your firm and at present that role is being performed very responsively and to my complete satisfaction by John Huck. Best wishes for another 140 successful years! " - Ottawa, ON

"I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You provided hope and reassurance when I needed it most. This was my first (hopefully one of my last) car accidents. You helped me feel confident, even when I was most uncertain. Thank you so much! " - Guelph, ON

"You are a friend. A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out" - Guelph, ON

"We feel privileged to be associated with a family business such as Sutherlands" - Cambridge, ON

"This is the best we have ever been treated by an insurance broker. We all thank you" - Hamilton, ON

"I am always impressed with how quickly and professionally my calls are answered. Thank you." - Guelph, ON

"Whenever I call about any changes or explanations I am treated with courtesy and respect and immediate response even though I did not have an appointment with any of the staff. You will always have my car insurance" - Fergus, ON

"Your service could not have been any better" - Guelph, ON

"Once again a huge THANK YOU! You have been so awesome over the years and I have recommended you to friends and family." - Guelph, ON

For privacy reasons, we don't list our clients' names, just their location.