What To Do After An Automobile Accident

The Scene Assessment

 Do not leave the scene of an accident.

 If safe to do so, move your vehicle out of the way, to the side of the road if possible. Be careful when exiting your vehicle so that you do not get hit.

 You must call the police if:

- The damages exceed $1,000

- There are injuries

- If you suspect the other drivers are guilty of a criminal offense (impaired driving)

- If there is damage to any property (trees, shrubs, poles or other property on a highway)

- If you are not sure of the extent of the damages, contact your local police for guidance

Injury Detail

- If anyone is injured in the accident, check their welfare, and make them comfortable prior to emergency services arriving

- Do not move anyone who is injured as this may aggravate their injuries

Information Gathering

- Take notes at the scene that include details of the accident, identification of the vehicles involved and names, addresses, and phone numbers of all people involved (including passengers and witnesses)

- Write down the insurance companies and policy numbers for all vehicles

- Take the names and badge numbers of police and any other emergency personnel involved

- If possible take photos of the damaged vehicles and of the scene (if safe to do so)

- Do not discuss responsibility for the accident with anyone except the police

Towing Information

- If your car is not drivable and a tow is required, it is YOUR choice as to who tows your car. It is suggested that you do not sign any document relating to repairs until your insurance representative has inspected your car. If you feel pressured, have your vehicle towed to a Collision Reporting Centre or your driveway until you can talk to us.

Reporting your claim 

Contact us as soon as possible after the accident to report the claim. Please contact our 24-hour claims line at 1-800-263-1032. A claims representative will provide the necessary assistance.

Emergency Auto/Motorcycle Claim Hotlines

Sutherland Insurance in Guelph can help you with your car and truck insurance claims. We can also provide you with auto insurance quotes.

Aviva Insurance Company


Echelon Insurance

Economical Insurance Company

Halwell Mutual

Intact Insurance Company


Premier Marine

Travelers Canada (formerly Dominion of Canada)

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance



Important Hints

NEVER admit liability, ONLY discuss your accident with the police, your insurance broker and your insurance adjuster.

If your claim is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, please feel free to use the above claim hotlines. Please remember that once your claim is reported to the hotline it is reported to the company and we are unable to advise of your options at that point. We recommend that you contact us for further advice on how this will affect your current insurance situation.

Sutherland Claims Specialist

At Sutherland Insurance, we provide a dedicated claims specialist who acts as your advocate during the entire claims process. Our specialist will explain the process, answer any questions you have, and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities. Please call or text Sarah with any of your claims concerns.

Sarah Crawford: 519-904-9544