In today's digital age, cyber insurance is crucial for protecting businesses against a wide range of cyber threats. From personal data security breaches and cyber extortion to technology disruptions, the risks are constantly evolving. Cyber insurance helps businesses manage and recover from these threats, ensuring they can continue operations without crippling financial losses. 

Cyber attacks are more than just a buzzword, or something large corporations should worry about. 1 in 4 Canadian businesses of all sizes were hit with an attempted Cyber attack in 2021. Let our team match you with the right preventative coverage to make sure your business can respond effectively and appropriately should you fall victim to a Cyber attack.

Coverage Includes:

  • Ransom Payout
  • Monitoring software to help identify and prevent attacks before they happen
  • First & Third Party Liability
  • Upfront payout: many cyber policies require you to pay the loss out of pocket and will reimburse you after the fact, which can affect cashflow. We have providers that will pay your loss upfront.

As technology advances, so do the risks that threaten your business. Whether you use computers, tablets, smartphones, or the internet to conduct business, you are exposed to cyber risks. Digital devices can be entry points for cybercriminals, making it essential to have insurance that protects against these vulnerabilities.

Why Small Businesses Need Cyber Insurance

Small businesses can be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. If your business has an online presence, engages in e-commerce, or handles sensitive customer data, cyber insurance is important to consider. It provides a financial safety net and helps ensure your business can recover from cyber incidents without severe financial repercussions.

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Secure your business's future with the right insurance coverage. Get a quote today from Sutherland Insurance and let's help you safeguard your operations against cyber threats.