Driver Profile

If you meet the following criteria, please proceed to Collector Quote below (otherwise please select Regular Auto Quote)

  • You need to be licensed 10 years
  • Your car is 15 years of age or older
  • You need to have another vehicle that you drive on a daily basis
  • Those under 25 do not qualify.

Here's What we offer

Low Rates Premiums are typically much lower than standard-use policies. Example: $25000 vehicle. Approx. $284 per year.
Agreed Value Coverage No depreciation, which can happen with a standard use policy.
No Appraisals No appraisal required, saving you time and money.
Flexible Usage Drivers can enjoy their classics. Hagerty's program allows for an occasional leisure drive, not just to parades or car events.
Take a Cash Settlement No questions asked.
Repair Shop of Choice Select the repair shop you want or fix it yourself.
Pay By VISA Take advantage of collector points.

Issued by Aviva Insurance and underwritten by Hagerty.