Why Do You Need Tenants or Renters Insurance?

The owner of your apartment has insurance, but it covers only the building and not your possessions or the personal liability that exists for you as the tenant or renter. Tenants insurance also provides a history of property insurance which reduces your premium on future polices.

Key coverage provided:

  • Contents on a replacement basis meaning that 15-year-old couch will be replaced with a new one should an insured peril, such as fire, cause a loss.
  • Personal Liability to cover injury to another person.
  • Personal Liability to cover property damage to the building should you cause a fire that results in the owner suing you for your negligence.
  • Legal fees associated with any legal action against you. We pay a lawyer to defend you. The annual cost of a policy is less than a lawyer charges per hour.

Example cost and discounts:

$350 annually plus tax covers $ 35,000 on possessions & $ 2,000,000 personal liability

  • Combine your Tenants & Vehicle insurance and you may receive 15% discount off each policy.
  • No claims in 5 years and policy in place through another broker receive 10% off.
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