When you insure your home and vehicle policies together you SAVE up to 50% off and you have enhanced coverage added for FREE to protect your most valuable assets.

It’s also simpler to deal with one company for your insurance needs. Contact us for more details on saving by bundling up your insurance with us. We love to save you money!

Did you know that effective June 1, 2016 your fee to pay monthly was reduced from 3% per annum to 1.3%. Example a vehicle premium of $ 1,500 was once $ 45 extra annually is now $ 19 a year or $ 1.58 per month. Our team can review this and other saving discounts such as a snow tires discount on your vehicle or a discount if you have paid off your Mortgage on your home.

You can pay us by cheque, Credit Card or by adding us as a payee on your Internet banking page. Choose one, three or monthly payment plans to suit your budget and remember this upgraded coverage is added at no extra cost when you combine your insurance policies.