Cyber Attacks – Protecting Your Business

Computer hackers can initialize both physical and reputational damage to an organization and the majority of business owners are nowhere close to being prepared.

Two recent events, a  take-over of a German Steel mill furnace and the theft of personal and banking info from Casino Rama attendees are examples of how hackers can shut down a business.

The unfortunate reality of a cyber attack is not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. 

So what could happen if your business is a victim of a cyber attack?

  • Business interruption – even temporarily closing the doors means driving potential customers to the competition.
  • Reputational damage – if your Brand is said to be 30% of your business evaluation, tainting this due to a breach could be crippling.
  • The responsibility of notification to every individual whose information may have been breached gets expensive fast.

These 5 strategies will assist in protecting your business against an attack:

  1. Update software routinely.
  2. Change passwords often.
  3. Secure your networks.
  4. Encrypt data.
  5. Buying the right insurance.


Cyber insurance will get you back up and running !   



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