To our valued clients,

What we are experiencing is an unprecedented proactive response to a global pandemic on a scale that truly hasn’t been seen before but I believe speaks to the power of humanity. With that, we have decided to do our part and shut down the office to visitors for the time being. I wanted to take some time to let you know of our planned actions during this time and the best way of contacting us should you need us.

We took a proactive approach to this crisis and are thrilled to have the majority of our staff already capable of working remote should a closure be required. We are in the process of testing and working with the few remaining staff to make sure this is at the very least an option for them. As we add and test these options there may be interruptions in our phone service or delays in responses to emails, we ask for your patience and understanding as we all deal with the changing environment.

Our goal is simple, to avoid any interruption in service to you, our clients, when you potentially need us most. We will strive to deliver that and believe we have all the right measures in place but with a situation this new and fluid we want to be transparent about our current state. I promise our phone lines will remain open (519-822-0160), emails will still be answered as promptly as possible and we are integrating web conferencing for meetings we would usually like to take in person in an effort to practice safe social distancing. Should we not be delivering on any of the above, please reach out to me personally so I can help to rectify the situation. (

My wife, Alyssa is one of our hard working health care providers at Guelph General and she and I took some time to put together what we do know and hope it helps shine some light on the situation about why these actions are taking place all over the world.

To clear up some misinformation, we did want to note that if you do not fit into the demographic deemed vulnerable, should you catch COVID-19 your overwhelmingly likely response would be similar symptoms to the flu, be off for a couple of days and be completely fine. However, the average infected individual is spreading the disease to 2.2 people. At that rate and with wide spread panic setting in, health care resources are already beginning to get overwhelmed and they are not armed with the resources or the protocols to handle a massive outbreak. Our health care system is working diligently to control and treat those affected. It is taking time to develop a vaccination and even once it’s created, mass production and distribution become the next issue. If we do our part and self-isolate or practice social distancing we can, together, help curb the average number infected to 1 or lower. The end goal is to flatten the curve so that our health care system has enough resources to support those in need.  


Only together, will it be possible to achieve this but we thank those that are taking action to help minimize the outbreak. We applaud the efforts of the local, provincial, federal government and other local institutions during this time, stay safe everyone and like any hardship, we will come out of this stronger.

Thank you for your time and continued support,


Zac Sutherland

Vice President, Sutherland Insurance


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