Error’s & Omission’s Insurance

 Let’s talk about Professional Liability.  Also known as Error’s & Omission’s Insurance.  Did you know if you own a business that offers a professional service such as Designing & Building, Photography, Consulting or Web Design your current policy may not suffice for losses arising from your Errors & Omissions?  For example, let’s say you’re an architect and you designed a building for a construction company.  The construction company builds the aforementioned building and two months down the road it collapses due to a design flaw.  You as the architect (the professional) are responsible for that flaw and in turn the collapse. 


Another example is you’re a photographer, and you’ve been hired to photograph a wedding.  You show up on the big day and do the job you’ve been hired to do.  At the end of the ceremony and reception, you wrap up and head home.  The next day you realized you’ve lost the memory cards that have all of the wedding photos from the previous day.  The common recourse would be for the bride and groom to file a lawsuit against the photographer for losing the pictures from their special day. 


A stand-alone commercial general liability will not cover professionals for the examples stated above.  Error’s & Omission’s Liability is designed to protect individuals, companies, and their employees against claims made by their clients for inadequate work or negligent actions.  The coverage often covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified in the policy.


Denis Le Courtois, RIB (Ont.)

Commercial Insurance Sales


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