This is a phrase I often use with my clients. People buy insurance as a form of risk management, but despite all of our best efforts, the unexpected can happen. When it comes to auto claims the procedure is a little more straightforward than property claims – if you have an auto accident and your car is driveable you drive home, contact your broker to advise what happened and file a claim; if the car isn’t driveable, it’s towed away; and again call your broker to advise of the loss, and we can file a claim for you.

With property claims however, you either have to stay in your home or move out if the damage is severe. Sometimes people are not sure what happens with a property claim. 

Step #1 – if you are in danger vacate the property immediately and call 911.

Step # 2- if it is safe to do so, make sure you do what you can to secure your premises and prevent further damage.

Step #3 – contact your broker.

We can start the claims process for you by sending a property restoration company to your premises to assess the damage and give you a better idea if in fact the claim would be something that insurance typically responds to if you are in doubt. Of course whether or not your claim will be covered is determined by the type of policy you carry. Not all property policies are created equal. There are limitations and exclusions that can form part of any property policy. While a cheaper insurance premium may be something we can all be happy about. Finding out that you are not covered in the event of a claim won’t be something that will make you smile. Make sure you know what your coverage is; what limits you have; what your deductible is. If you’re not sure, talk to your broker. We are your best defense.

 Tracey Holloway, Account Executive


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