Your home is more than just a structure; it's a vibrant space where life unfolds and memories are made. As you enhance your home and acquire new treasures, it’s essential to keep your home insurance policy up to speed with these changes. At Sutherland Insurance, we've seen how life's updates can affect your coverage needs. Let's delve into why and when you should reach out to ensure your policy reflects your current lifestyle.

examples of home improvements and scheduled items to insureBefore the Paint Dries: Renovations and Your Policy

Home renovations, whether it's a dream kitchen or an added sunroom, not only increase your enjoyment and your home's value but also have significant implications for your insurance coverage. Prior to breaking ground:
•    Consult Your Policy: Some policies require advance notice of major renovations.
•    Evaluate Your Coverage: Ensure your policy will cover the new additions.
•    Protect Against Liability: Increased value might mean you need more liability coverage, especially if you're adding new features like a pool.

The Joy of New Treasures: Insuring High-Value Items

Life's milestones often come with tangible celebrations – jewellery, art, or maybe a high-end bicycle. Here’s why it's imperative to update your policy with these investments:
•    Appraise and Insure: Items over $2,000, such as engagement rings or fine art, may need additional coverage beyond standard policy limits.
•    Keep Receipts and Appraisals: Documentation is crucial for proving the value of your items in case of a claim.
•    Schedule Your Valuables: Consider listing high-value items separately (scheduling) on your policy for adequate protection.

Collectibles: From Comic Books to Vintage Wines

Your hobby might have turned into a significant investment before you realized it. Collectibles often appreciate over time, and standard policies may not recognize their full value.
•    Update Regularly: As the market value of collectibles fluctuates, regular appraisals are crucial.
•    Specialized Coverage: Certain collectibles may benefit from specialized insurance products designed for their unique risks.

The worst time to discover your home insurance is inadequate is after something happens. Be proactive; as your life evolves, your policy should too. At Sutherland Insurance, we’re here to guide you through these updates, ensuring your peace of mind. Remember, your policy is a living document meant to grow with you. Contact us before you renovate, celebrate with a significant purchase, or add to your collection.

Ready to ensure your home insurance policy matches your home's current value and contents? Reach out to the experts at Sutherland Insurance – before you need to make a claim. Let us protect what you treasure most.

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