On a dark and cold evening, four friends huddled in a circle around a fire that illuminated their faces. The atmosphere was spooky, and the stories they were about to share would chill anyone to the bone – not of ghosts or ghouls, but something far more sinister: insurance nightmares.


A group of friends sitting around a campfire at night telling stories


The Absent Coverage

The first friend spoke as the fire's flames casted eerie shadows upon their face. They told a frightening story of their experience of trying to pick up their new car from the dealership. "I had all my paperwork completed," they began, "but when I tried to contact my insurance representative, I was left on hold for an hour!" The friends listening all gasped in shock, while one asked what happened next.

Luckily, Sutherland Insurance came to the rescue. The friend continued, "I called them, and they provided me a quote that morning. I was able to sign all the papers, present them to the dealership, and I drove home in my new car that day."

One friend shouted, “Just in the nick of time!”

While another remarked, "Talk about a quick save! But listen to mine..."


The Ghost of Policy Past

The second friend began to share their story. They started to explain that they had experienced issues with their previous insurance company and wanted to switch. "I couldn't get a hold of anyone for days to cancel my policy! I’d try and try, and no one ever returned my calls or emails… I was losing all hope," they exclaimed. "Fortunately, Sutherland Insurance was able to take care of the cancellation process with the previous insurer, and they provided me exceptional customer service from day one."

Hearing this, the first friend sighed with relief, grateful that they didn't have to face such a nightmare anymore.


The Waiting Game

The third person looked across the fire at their friends while shadows danced across their face and shared their tale. "I was on hold with an insurance company for a quote. I had already been waiting for 45 minutes when I finally messaged a family member for advice. They set me up with Sutherland Insurance, and I was able to get a quote and sign my documents digitally before the other company even picked up the phone!"

One friend shouted, "No way!"

The fourth friend replied, "That's terrifying yet reassuring that you were able to find help. But wait ‘til you hear mine."


Coverage in the Shadows: The Silent Switch

The fourth friend began their story. "My story is called the Silent Switch. I thought I'd found the perfect brokerage; they were friendly and attentive while finding me the best and most cost-effective car insurance. Little did I know, they would later switch my insurance company without even telling me!"

All of the friends listening had a shocked look upon their faces while one hid behind their hands, afraid to look up. The storyteller continued, "When I realized I hadn't been sent my insurance pink slips three months after renewal, I tried to get a hold of my broker. It took two days for them to respond, just to tell me I was no longer with my previous company, and they would send my new forms. But wait, there's more!"

Another friend asked in disbelief, "There's more?"

The storyteller continued, "When I finally received my pink slips, my address was wrong! And when my vehicle was later broken into, I called the brokerage to file a claim. They said they weren't open on weekends and the answering machine told me to call back on Monday!"

One of the friends cried out, "Make it stop!"

“Luckily,” the storyteller went on, “I contacted Sutherland Insurance and they were able to help me. It turns out they have a 24/7 claims line and are always available by call, text or email… they truly value communication!”


The friends realized that the true horror wasn't just in the stories they shared, but in the experiences they felt while living them. In the world of insurance, it can be frightening. Sutherland Insurance is here to put insurance nightmares to bed.

We take the fear out of insurance, and provide our customers with comfort by taking away all worries. With an in-house claims specialist and the option to call, text or email us, we’re here to help.

Contact us today for your free quote for home, auto, life, business insurance and more.

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