Thank you for visiting our COVID page, hopefully you have had a chance to watch our video above. We are thrilled to report that our staff members are safe and working from home. We are 100% operational and here to provide the same service standard you have come to expect from us. Our phone lines are still open but we would certainly encourage email communication at this time. 

Please read on to learn about your options with your home, auto, or business policy. There is a lot of misinformation out there and we hope this will help set the record straight. This is an unprecedented and fluid situation in our industry — and in all of our lives. We vouch to constantly update this page as things change so please check back in as it will be updated constantly as new information comes in.

Fill Out Our Reduced Kilometers Savings Application


1) "I have heard there is a discount available for my auto policy due to COVID, how do I apply?"

On April 17th, the Ontario government, as the regulator of auto insurance rates, announced they would make it easier for insures to offer a discount. At that time, they were given 12 months to decide how they would proceed. On April 30th, Premiere Ford asked for immediate action and insurers have begun to respond accordingly. At the moment, three of our companies are offering a discount if your kilometers are reduced (this may change over the coming weeks and we will update here as it does):

1.       Travelers is applying a 25% discount for 1 month's premium effective immediately with no action required.
2.       Intact is allowing a 15% discount for 90 days if you meet their criteria of limited kilometers. If you are an Intact client, click here and fill out the quick form. Your premium will be reduced and after 3 months will revert back to your current rating without you having to contact us.   
3.       Economical is applying an enhanced annual KM discount effective  May 1st, 2020.  This allows customers who are driving less to have their annual KM’s amended and receive on average, up to 15% off their premium until June 30, 2020.  Economical clients are encouraged to contact our office for further information.
4.       Aviva beginning May 5th customers who advise that they are driving less will see a temporary rate reduction of approximately 15% per vehicle.  Aviva clients are encouraged to contact our office for further information.

For more impactful savings, if you are willing to leave your vehicle parked, we can provide coverage for fire, theft and vandalism during this time at a significant reduction in your premiums. Contact us if you fit this description. 

2) "COVID has resulted in a reduction of income for my family and we can’t afford our insurance premium this month, anything we can do?"

Yes! Each insurer is different but they are all offering some sort of deferral or a willingness to work with you during this time. Many are not charging NSF fees, should you miss a monthly payment. However, if you are proactive we can reschedule your payments for you to fit your needs. Contact us if you require a payment deferral or have any questions.

3) "Does my Business Interruption coverage cover my loss of income for my business policy?"

Short answer is no; there is generally a requirement for physical damage of your premises or contents to trigger your Business Interruption coverage. We are still reviewing these on a case by case basis, but to this date, the industry is standing firm on this with very few exceptions. Our recommendation at this time is to consider reporting a claim simply to get a declination letter. In the event that the government provides relief for your sector, they will likely require proof that coverage doesn’t exist elsewhere. This will put you ahead of the game in that situation.

From our family to yours, thank you for doing your part in social distancing.
Only together will we get through this and be stronger for it.


Zac Sutherland
Vice President